Patient Info

Our Mission

At Koenigsknecht Dentistry we provide the highest quality dental care using the best materials, techniques and technology, all backed by clinical research. We treat our patients like we would our own family. Our team of dentists, hygienists, dental assistants and office coordinators are here to give you exceptional dental care and a healthy smile.

Our Standards for Care

Preventive Care

We recommend visits to our office twice per year for a thorough dental cleaning and an oral exam. While daily at-home care is crucial for removing plaque, only a dental professional can remove tartar, a harder, more built-up version of plaque. If tartar is not removed from the teeth, then patients are at a higher risk for gingivitis, bone loss or periodontal disease. Also, cavities can form very quickly in a highly acidic/sugary environment, so regular oral exams are required to make sure that smaller cavities don’t become a larger problem. Often, by the time symptoms of pain or discomfort begin, the problem has become much larger than it was originally. This is especially true with oral cancer. We supplement your home care with dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, x-rays to screen and diagnose conditions and diseases, and oral exams to look for cancer and evaluate gum tissue, teeth, and bone to determine if there are any issues. We also check for periodontal disease, bites that don’t line up, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) symptoms, teeth grinding and chronic bad breath.


The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends radiographs (x-rays) every 6 months to 3 years depending on the patient’s age and dental health in order to evaluate and diagnose for oral conditions and diseases. At Koenigsknecht Dentistry, we recommend x-rays based on what is clinically necessary for your specific dental health. Ultimately, the decision to have x-rays is up to the patient. If you have questions, speak with your hygienist or doctor. We can explain in depth why we are recommending x-rays and we can also give you our fee for this service.

Composite Fillings

We use composite (tooth-colored) material for all fillings. While composite blends in much better with the rest of your teeth, sometimes the composite material is also a better choice due to factors such as tooth structure. Many insurance plans will not cover the fee for a composite filling on a back tooth, no matter the case for composite. Instead, they will cover the fee up to the amount charged for an amalgam (silver/metal) filling and the difference between the composite and amalgam filling (~$20-$60) is then billed to you. If you are having a filling done on a back tooth and prefer to have the amalgam or silver/metal filling, please let the doctor know your preference.

New Patients

We are welcoming new patients to our dental office. New patients must fill out paperwork prior to their first appointment. Please come to the office 15 minutes early for your first appointment in order to fill out paperwork. If it’s more convenient for you, all of our forms are available for download and printing here.