Calling all Wiggly Teeth!

Does your child have a wiggly tooth? Thanks to the American Dental Association, get ready for a visit from the tooth fairy with this downloadable door hanger! The American Dental Association’s renowned Mouth Healthy website has all sorts of great tips and tools for dental health. Visit them today to see more:

Courtesy of the American Dental Association

Courtesy of the American Dental Association



Teaching St. Johns Area Students about Dental Health

A student’s thank you note illustrating Dr. Nick’s demonstration of how to properly brush using our very own “Ally the Alligator.”


Dr. Jonathan teaches children about dental hygiene at St. Johns Little Wings.


This month both Dr. Nick and Dr. Jonathan were able to visit area classrooms and teach children about taking care of their teeth. Doctors discussed with the children how nutrition can affect dental health and gave the students tips on how to care for their teeth, including brushing for two minutes twice a day and flossing. Thank you to Mrs. Casaletto’s Riley Kindergartners, Mrs. Daman’s St. Joe Bekindergartners and to St. Johns Little Wings/Adventure Club for having us!









Thank you Tiny by Design Art in St. Johns

We had a blast painting with Tracie of Tiny Design Art & Whimsical Party Gallery. It’s always fun getting together outside of the dental office!paint party - staff