COVID-19 Screening Questions and Appointment Confirmation

Please review the  questions below – we are required to ask you these questions before and during your appointment.


1. Have you received your COVID 19 Vaccine?

2. Has it been two weeks since your final dose? If yes, please call the office 989-224-2319 to update us on your vaccination status. You may also text us back with “Vaccinated” and the date of your final dose. We are following CDC and State of Michigan guidelines for all FULLY vaccinated patients. Please continue to wear a mask inside our office. There is no longer a need to call when you arrive for your appointment or to have your temperature taken.

If no, please continue with the screening questions below as you are not considered fully vaccinated.


1. In the last 14 days have you had any fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, GI/stomach upset, chills, muscle aches, headaches, or loss of sense of taste or smell?

​2. Do you have heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, diabetes, or any other auto-immune disorders that are not being managed by a physician?

3. Have you traveled outside of the State of Michigan within the last 14 days?

4. In the last 14 days have you been in contact with anyone who has tested positive to COVID-19?

5. In the last 14 days have you been to an indoor gathering of more than 15 people or an outdoor gathering of more than 50 people that did not follow social distancing and mask wearing guidelines?


​If you answered No, please review your appointment information sent via text message and confirm your appointment by replying with the word “Confirm.” When you arrive for your appointment please remain in your car and call us at 989-224-2319. We may have you wait in your car.

​If you are unable to make your appointment, it is important that you call us at 989-224-2319 as soon as possible so we can make other arrangements.

​Thank you and we look forward to seeing you.


Changes for our Patients due to Covid-19

As we welcome you back to our office, we want to reassure you that your safety is our number one goal.

We are following advice and guidance from the CDC and our professional organizations to make changes to keep you, our other patients and our staff safe from infection.

Some changes include:
• Our staff will ask you screening questions during confirmation for your appointment and before we begin care. Patients with chronic illnesses or patients older than 60 carry an increased risk of a severe case if they acquire COVID-19. Patients over 60 or chronic illness should understand the risk of being out in public during the pandemic.
• Please use the hand sanitizer wipes that we have available at our entry before coming into the office and please use the wipe to open the door.
• We have removed hard-to-disinfect items in the waiting room and have reduced our seating to allow for appropriate social distancing.
• We will ask you to call us upon your arrival and we may ask you to wait in the car instead of the waiting room.
• We will ask that you come alone to your appointment. If necessary, one caregiver or family member may come in with a patient.
• We are required to take your temperature before your appointment.
• You will see that all of us, including our patient coordinators who normally greet you with a smile, will be wearing masks.
• It is required that everyone who enters the office to wear a face covering or mask.
• We will be employing different clinical techniques and tools to reduce the production and spread of aerosols during your dental care. For some of our patients these techniques will not be new.
• You will be asked to report any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 to our office within 14 days of your visit.

Dr. Erin Scherer Joining Koenigsknecht Dentistry

Dr. Erin Scherer of Koenigsknecht Dentistry

We have some exciting news to share with our patient family. As many of you know, Dr. Don retired in April and although he may be taking care of patients from time-to-time, we are pleased to announce that a new dentist will be joining us this month. Her name is Dr. Erin Scherer (pronounced like the singer Cher) and she has been practicing for over 4 years in Lansing. She’s an MSU Honors graduate and went to dental school at the University of Minnesota. She lives with her husband and 1 year old son Trip in Bath – where she grew up. We are very excited to have her join us and continue our tradition of quality dentistry and treating you like family.

Learn more about Dr. Erin here.