At Koenigsknecht Dentistry we offer tooth colored fillings to remove a cavity formed by bacteria.  We mostly use tooth-colored composite material for fillings, which mimics the natural structure and look of the tooth.

Fillings are often scheduled after an oral exam has identified a cavity or if a patient is experiencing pain.

Local “profound” anesthesia is given to make our patients as comfortable as possible. We only proceed with the procedure if the patient is completely comfortable. We also offer nitrous oxide, if necessary, to calm nerves and make patients comfortable during the procedure.

Fillings are also often used aesthetically to make the teeth look better. This is commonly referred to as cosmetic bonding.

We practice based on the philosophy of treating our patients how we would treat our own family. At Koenigsknecht Dentistry we balance careful “watching” of the tooth with providing treatment when needed. Often times we find that a tooth can be watched because we know our patients, their history and when that tooth must be treated to ensure dental health.