Koenigsknecht Dentistry Offers Same-Day Dentistry for Crowns and other Restorations

E4D System

E4D System

The E4D system is the latest in CAD/CAM technology for the dental industry. It allows us to create beautiful porcelain crowns in just one appointment at our office, eliminating the need to wear a temporary crown for weeks.

The procedure consists of shaping your tooth as you would normally for a crown. The tooth is then scanned by a laser into the computer system. From the 3D image that is created from the scan a crown is designed by our dental team. It is then sent to an in-office mill, which cuts the crown from a block of porcelain. We are able to create a more natural look that better matches your existing teeth with this new system.

We began offering this service as of December 2011 for those patients whose restoration case can be created using the E4D.

Patients: ask us about this new technology the next time you’re in! We would be happy to show you the system.

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